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Getting A Fiancé/Fiancée Visa (K-1 Visa)

One of the most common ways to immigrate to the United States is through marriage. A fiancé/fiancée visa (legally called a K-1 visa) is the first step in that process. However, there are no shortage of hurdles that can make the process incredibly challenging and time-consuming. It helps to have knowledgeable legal guidance from a dedicated immigration lawyer.

At Saravia Law, I work with engaged couples to help them secure K-1 visas and navigate the subsequent process for getting a green card. I’m Elmer Saravia, the firm’s founding attorney. When you entrust me with your immigration case, you can expect reliable, upfront guidance based on a commitment to helping you succeed. I will go the extra mile to guide you through this milestone with skill, compassion and determination.

Understanding The Process

Generally speaking, there are several steps to getting a green card (legally called “lawful permanent residence”) through marriage:

  • Petitioning for a K-1 visa that allows you to come to the U.S.
  • Getting married within 90 days after that
  • Petitioning for a conditional green card through a process called adjustment of status, which also involves an immigration interview
  • Removing the conditions on the green card two years later

Each of these steps comes with numerous challenges and potential entanglements. Immigration law is highly complex, and there are often obstacles you haven’t foreseen that could derail the entire process. By working with me from the outset, you can rest assured that I will identify any problems and take proactive action to address them.

LGBTQ+ Couples

Same-sex couples are entitled to K-1 visas and marriage-based green cards just the same as heterosexual couples. As a nonbinary person myself (xe/xer/xers), I am passionate about helping LGBTQ+ couples through the immigration process. You can rely on me as a supportive and compassionate ally.

Discuss The Next Steps

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