Family, Individual and LBGQT+ Immigration Representation For The Boston Metro Area

Representation For Small Business Owners Throughout The Boston Metro Area

Businesses owners know that even the smallest legal issue can turn into a larger problem if unaddressed. If you do not have a plan in to place to effectively deal with a dispute or question, you may find your company facing serious legal or financial consequences that threaten the life of your business.

I am attorney Elmer Saravia, and at my law firm, Saravia Law, P.L.L.C., I provide guidance to business owners with legal questions and other issues that require the assistance of an experienced lawyer. I take the time to understand your specific needs, and then develop a strategy that focuses on the issues at hand.

A Customized Plan For Your Business’s Future

Countless businesses have failed because owners failed to make a sound plan when starting their entity. I want to make sure you have the protections in place to allow your business the opportunity to thrive in your chosen marketplace.

Various legal matters I assist business owners with include:

  • Forming an LLC or other entity type when starting a business
  • Preparing any documents necessary for your business, such as operating agreements
  • Reviewing, negotiating or drafting contracts for business transactions or when hiring key personnel
  • Offering advice on day-to-day issues that if unaddressed could cause larger conflicts in the future
  • Protecting your rights in disputes with other businesses

An Ally For LGBTQ+ Business Owners

I want you to feel comfortable discussing the specific concerns you have as an LGBTQ+ business owner. I can help you establish your company in a way that preserves the vision you have for your business. I can explain the various laws that apply to your entity, and walk you through any concerns you may have when issues arise. I can even help you draft an estate plan to ensure that your business is passed down according to your specific wishes.

Contact An Experienced Lawyer Today To Learn More

Whether you are the owner of a new or established business, you need to make sure you understand all of your options when facing a legal question. I can provide you with detailed guidance to help you protect your company’s future. Call me today at 781-882-2835 or send me an email to arrange a time that is convenient for you.