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I am attorney Elmer Saravia, and at Saravia Law, P.L.L.C., I provide compassionate legal guidance for clients with immigration law, family law, business law, and estate planning concerns.


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Immigration, Family Law, Business Law, And Estate Planning Representation For The Boston Metro Area

Proudly Serving Individuals, Families And The LGBTQ+ Community

Whether you are looking to bring loved ones to the U.S., need help obtaining a divorce or wish to create an estate plan for your family’s future, you probably feel overwhelmed by the process. No matter what your question is, the answer is always long and involved. Finding someone who can make this entire process easier to understand is essential when looking for a lawyer to help you with your legal needs.

I’m Elmer Saravia, and I provide the skilled, technical assistance you need when dealing with family law, estate planning, business, or immigration matters. At my law firm, I work directly with you to develop a customized strategy that actually takes into account your specific goals. We work together, and you will be a vital part of your case at all times.

Assistance For The LGBTQ+ Community

The legal system is complex enough the way it is. It can be even more difficult or critical for members of the LGBTQ+ community. Systems can be slow to change, and I provide the compassionate and understanding legal support you need.

I fully understand the community’s concerns, as I identify as nonbinary (preferred pronouns Xe, Xer, Xers), and I can help. I know these situations can be challenging and stressful. I can help all individuals navigate through the process and help no matter the goal.

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